Sacramento Private Investigator Costs

How much does a Sacramento Private Investigator Costs?

If you’re in the market for a Sacramento Private Investigation Company, there are two things you value:

The first is obviously an investigation that yields results.

The second is your privacy.  Afterall, it is called a private investigation.

If you want to hire a Private Investigation Company in Sacramento, make sure you hire one that can deliver on both.  Otherwise, your investigation may end up completely counterproductive.

Sacramento Private Investigator costs typically range from $75-100 per hour.  An upfront retainer is often required.

private investigator sacramento

private investigator sacramento

The Lance Casey Difference

What makes Lance Casey & Associates the best private detective agency Sacramento has to offer?

With over 10 years as a police officer and 10 years as a private investigator after that, you won’t find anyone in Sacramento County more qualified to conduct your investigation.

Throw in a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and what you have is someone with an intimate understanding of criminal behavior.  That means both instincts and understanding.

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Process Server Sacramento

We serve 24/7. Hire a Private Eye to be your process server in Sacramento. We serve divorce, restraining orders, custody papers, small claims, subpoenas.

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Private Investigator Sacramento

Lance Casey PI is a Licensed Private Investigator in Sacramento, cheating spouse, child custody, process service.

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